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Alambic is an enterprise class PDF creation and distribution solution.

Alambic makes it very easy to create and distribute PDF documents inside and outside your company.

Our solution relies on the CUPS enterprise printing solution and on third party PostScript to PDF converters such as Ghostscript or Adobe Acrobat.

Alambic receives PostScript documents and sends their PDF counterpart. It can operate in two modes, HTTP or SMTP.

In SMTP mode, the resulting PDF document is sent directly to the requesting user.

In HTTP mode, the PDF file is stored on the Alambic server and a URL is sent to the requesting user for later retrieval.

Creating PDF documents becomes as easy as those three steps:

  1. Select the document to convert to PDF.
  2. Print the selected document to the special Alambic printer.
  3. Receive the PDF file or a link to it by email.

The Alambic solution is freely available under the GNU General Public License. It is distributed as source or as binary for the Linux platform on Intel processors.

Though the Alambic solution is to be deployed on Unix servers, its usage is possible from any client, be it Windows, Mac or Unix, that can produce some PostScript output and send it to a network printer.